Top 5 Mistakes Made When Choosing A Digital Marketing/SEO Agency

Top 5 Mistakes Made When Choosing A Digital Marketing/SEO Agency

Running a business of any size is no easy task, there are so many variables and risks involved it’s no wonder that over 30% of businesses fail within the first year. In order to give your business the best opportunity for success, you have to employ a sound strategy in all divisions of labor—sales, marketing, purchasing, customer service, and many other departments.

The one area where many companies hit a speed bump is in marketing—and rightfully so with all of the complexities that envelop creating a sound marketing strategy. Most companies will hire outside consultants from a reputable digital marketing agency to help develop and manage their marketing and SEO to cut down on payroll while getting dedicated expert help.

In fact, 62% of companies in the U.S. alone outsource their digital marketing—it has many attractive advantages but there’s a caveat with outsourcing if you aren’t careful. So when choosing a digital marketing agency in Houston to handle your digital marketing and SEO, make sure you don’t make one of these top 5 mistakes that can cost your company clients as well as millions in losses.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes In Choosing A Digital Marketing/SEO Agency


Mistake 1: Getting Suckered In By Fancy SEO Presentations

This is actually a far more common mistake than you might think—but in reality, it’s an easy mistake to make. If you are familiar with the saying, “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see,” then pay attention and believe this.

One of the biggest misconceptions about digital marketing agencies is that if they present an amazing marketing pitch for you with fancy charts, high-tech terminology, and beautiful graphics and video—then this is the same service you will get for your customers.

Let Us Burst That Bubble Right Away—That’s Not Usually The Case.

SEO agencies that put a lot of money and fluff into their sales presentations typically won’t give you, the customer that same effort and energy. Nevermind the cool promos, video presentation and Powerpoint shows—logic it out. Every organization is going to have limited amounts of resources, so how they spread those resources around gives you a clue about their priorities.

If a company spends more money on sales staff than they do on account services, that tells you they’re focused more on sales than on servicing their clients. That is a big red flag right off the bat and is a sign that they are a company that talks a good talk but doesn’t back it up. You want a company with a balanced focus otherwise you’re just another number.

For example, at SiteJab our salesforce is actually the smallest department in our agency while our account advocates, social media management and content creation teams comprise the majority of our workforce. Why? Because we seek out clients that match what we are looking for in clientele. We build relationships with our clients so we focus on the quality of clientele vs. quantity. We want to make sure that we have clients share values that we can personally be vested in. That being said, our advice? Choose the agency where service is evidently the backbone of the agency. Don’t get sucked into jargon-filled pitches that are all fluff and no substance. Real SEO agencies speak in transparency and know that we know nothing more than you can learn with some research. We just know you want to spend your time on what you do best—running your company and let us handle what we do best for you.

Mistake 2: Falling For “Miracle Cure” Pitches That Claim Exclusive Strategies

Rolling right along from the first mistake, this one is tied closely to it. If you have a digital marketing agency that has promised you the benefits of their “exclusive SEO secrets,” or “proprietary algorithms”—throw their card in the trash right away. Why?

Because There Is No Such Thing As “Secret SEO Tactics”

They are just flat out lying to you. It’s not creative wording, it’s not branding—it’s just lying and if there is one thing we hate about the SEO industry—it’s some of the dishonest tactics some companies employ to grow business.

The processes and strategies of SEO are thoroughly documents and understood by multitudes of experts around the world. SEO is not rocket science but it does require a lot of analysis, time-consuming optimization and acute attention to details. The only difference between having an effective SEO campaign and a broken one is your strategy and execution of common knowledge concepts.

The old adage rings true: “If something is too good to be true, it’s probably a lie.” So don’t fall for an SEO agency in Houston that puts on a magic show —the only thing that they can make appear out of thin air is a hefty bill. Find an agency that shows you a proven track record with honest principles—that’s where the magic happens.

Mistake 3: Choosing Cheap & Lazy SEO Agencies

When it comes to digital marketing in Houston, you get what you give—hands down.

Sure you can choose from the gamut of fly-by-night SEO agencies that offer their services for as low as $99.00 a month—but are you even getting $99.00 worth of quality SEO work?

Not likely.

In fact, you may actually end up doing more damage than good as most cheap SEO agencies use tactics that are penalized by Google. Search engines including Google have known about exploits and shortcuts to try and manipulate search results and they catch hundreds of sites per day utilizing those tactics.

When Google penalizes your site, you might as well kiss your traffic goodbye—literally. Google takes search engine manipulation attempts very seriously and has a zero-tolerance policy. They have the power to make your site disappear in search results.

So the lesson here is: Cheap is never good and good is NEVER cheap. If you can’t afford a digital marketing agency’s service that you like, at least ask if they do consulting so you can make sure you aren’t unknowingly doing damage to your business with bad tactics.

Mistake 4: Choosing A Local Agency Just Because They Are Local

We’re not against supporting local businesses, not at all. However, in choosing a digital marketing agency, you shouldn’t feel geographically limited. A good agency can be found 10 miles from your business or 100 miles from your business—it won’t affect their ability to deliver quality SEO solutions. The awesome thing about the web is that it is accessible from anywhere and can accommodate virtual meetings as well. While it’s true that face-face interaction is important in business dealings, an agency should care enough about your business to come to you. SiteJab regularly invests in sending our account advocates to our clients anywhere in the US to discuss their projects.

Now with that being said, you still want to keep your SEO business stateside. Sure you can buy really cheap digital marketing bundles from “SEO click farms” overseas and “agencies” but this will more likely damage your company than help it.

Even if the company is legitimate, it’s the cultural nuances and slang that must be understood thoroughly to translate into content and online articles. You need the tone and language to sound natural and unfortunately, that is never guaranteed with foreign companies.

Mistake 5: Not Hiring SiteJab For Your Digital Marketing Needs

Listen, SiteJab didn’t earn Google Partner status by not knowing SEO inside and out. We build relationships with our clients that last for years.

When it comes to producing the numbers—our track records speaks for itself. Contact one of our business consultants and let’s talk about what SiteJab can do for you.

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