Local SEO

Target specific local audiences, attract more relevant leads, and boost your local visibility and reputation. Local is more than effective marketing – it’s about consistent communication and building trust, and this requires constant monitoring and management.


Driving Targeted Local Traffic

SEO aims to increase business’ visibility to a targeted audience. By focusing on customers and prospects in a specific area, local SEO can drive traffic to websites and physical establishments.  Restaurants, retail stores, law firms, car dealerships, and even dental or medical clinics can benefit from local SEO.

An effective local campaign requires a combination of geo-targeted optimization and content marketing, business listing and back links, and under-generated reviews.

Finding the Right Keywords

Before we begin any SEO campaign our team researches the right keywords for your industry. We want to also ensure that phrases targeted have high local volume of users. Keywords and phrases containing the business’ location should appear in title tags, meta descriptions, and content. Targeting even more specific communities within your city can help get more customers through your doors.  SiteJab analyzes where local website traffic is coming from and uses that data to choose better keywords.

Targeting Your Customers with Content


Content marketing for local campaigns require quite an amount of creativity and quality.  Google loves content and our writers will build a content strategy on what’s relevant to your business. Writing about local trends or even area-specific laws that are relevant to your industry is always a good way to establish your website as an information resource.  SiteJab’s content creation encourages customer loyalty. Establishing a business’ online identity starts with proper content creation.

Quality Backlinks

Having quality websites linking to your site is an important factor of any SEO campaign.  These backlinks are brand mentions made by customers or other businesses on third-party websites.  These brand mentions are key factors in local search. Some of the most important and effective types of backlinks include:

backlinks– Social or Blogs:  Encouraging local influencers to talk about you in their blogs and social media accounts is a good way to acquire backlinks.

– Business Listings and Reviews: Listings in business directories, local networks and review sites in themselves are positive backlinks.
– Guests Posts and Magazine Publications: Getting other people to write about your business in an online magazine or publishing your own article and press releases increases your exposure and establishes your brand as a leading authority in your niche.


Hire Local SEO Expert Hector Garcia

For over 17 years Hector has mastered the internet from web design to search engine optimization. Take a look at some of our success stories and you’ll see why he’s one of the best in Houston.  Schedule your Free Consultation today at 713-999-4661 or fill out the form to the right. Local business is our passion!