Professional Web Design

An effective online presence can transform your business from a virtually unknown firm into a formidable brand within your industry. It can foster robust lead generation and boost conversion rates as well as provide an online marketplace for your audience.


Technology slows down for no one, and the SiteJab web development division constantly stays on the cutting edge of coding languages, new standards, plugins and other features that make our websites such a powerful tool for results in lead generation and brand management.


When included as part of your marketing strategy, a well-thought-out website design can shape your corporate image and deliver that message to your audience to influence your brand.


When you interweave your website development with your social media management campaigns—you create an ecosphere where all of your marketing strategy tools tie in together for market sustainability. Social media management, lead generation, commercial video production and branding all have a symbiotic tie to your website.

Building Your Online Presence


At SiteJab, we take a very organized and calculated approach to your website development. Nothing is left to chance and we don’t just launch your site to have something there. We take the time to do it right, the first time—every time. To do that we follow a basic web development flowchart:

  • Discovery & Strategy

    Every SiteJab website design begins with a leader from each team—account management, branding & identity, lead generation, graphic design, commercial video production and content management. We interview you to get an idea of your business, the vision, what you want out of your website and what realistic expectations and timelines are. At the end of this meeting, you will know your target audience, how our web strategy ties into your marketing strategy as well as impacts lead generation.

  • User Experience & Information Architecture

    Once we have determined some basic targeting and analysis of your website development, we begin on outlining and developing the overall layout of the user experience and the technical functions and capabilities of the site design. Features such as E-commerce are implemented if applicable. This is very much a design layout phase using wireframe layout— the blueprint essentially.

  • Creative Mockups & Feedback

    This is where our expert team of designers really get to work. We apply color palettes and designs to the wireframes and storyboard your website. Font and color schemes are decided upon and we present to you for approval or revisions.

  • Responsive Coding & Cross-Platform Development

    Our websites are designed to be very responsive and compatible across all platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile) All of our frontend coding strictly adheres to the latest HTML standards. A custom content management system is implemented to make updates in real-time easy and responsive.

  • Quality Checks & Beta Testing

    We never launch a client’s website without thorough testing of all the components and functions. Lead generation components are tested to ensure leads are captured and distributed properly. Social media management components are checked to ensure they link to your social media platforms. Video from our commercial video production team is tested to ensure playability across all platforms. Logo placement and animation (if applicable) is tested to make sure it properly represents your branding and identity. The final step is implementing tough encryption and security certificates and ensuring the site functions properly for SEO performance and indexing.

  • Launch, Live Testing & Optimization

    Often the most exciting part for our clients in the development process—this is where we see it all come together in the real world, live. We perform even more testing and monitor site behavior, conduct in-depth analysis to sustain proper conversion rates, time spent on site, and repeat traffic. In other words, we build your website to have continued growth, we are never satisfied as it can always improve.

How Your Website Impacts Your Business

When you invest in a website from SiteJab you are putting your money and reputation on the line—and
we take that show of faith very seriously. We leave no detail behind when creating your digital portal to
the global marketplace. The end result is a website that is a visual and cognitive expression of the vision
your company has. It is responsive, user-friendly, makes an outstanding first impression, and draws your
visitors in with engaging content and design. When designed and configured by our team of specialists it
will impact every area of your marketing strategy:

Lead Generation

We use engaging content all across your website to draw your visitors in with relevant, valuable
information that compels them to take action and contact you via email, phone, chat or a contact form.
These channels can be customized with pre-requisite information that qualifies the lead so you can
focus on leads with a higher probability of making a customer.

Branding & Identity

Your logo appears prominently throughout your website, your company vision and bio is posted for all to see and the design, color scheme, and layout all are designed to reflect your identity. Your website is a visually communicative representation of your brand and will help shape it going forward.

Social Media Integration

Through our social media management service, we continually promote content within your site, on your social media pages. For example, your latest blog post on your website is referenced and linked to within your pages on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Furthermore, your website also encourages visitors to click through to your social media portals, both through visual buttons and content—urging visits and likes to your social media pages. This cross promotion helps boost your visibility online and build a connection with your consumer base.

Commercial Production

The videos you have had produced to promote your brand and company are prominently showcased on a page dedicated to corporate media. This is where you can highlight your company culture, history and goals, all in an audio-visual format. Links to these videos can also be promoted on social media or e-mail blasts. Video is highly important to Google search rankings and it will aid in boosting your search rankings.

Let Us Show Your Company To The World


We’d love to bring you into the SiteJab family and let us showcase your company to the world. Part of any reliable marketing strategy in the 21 st century has to be a digital presence on the internet. We have assembled a team of talented individuals that work tirelessly to give you the competitive edge on the internet that you need. Contact one of our business development consultants today to work with us!

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