How to Stop Click Fraud from Driving Up Your Ad Costs

How to Stop Click Fraud from Driving Up Your Ad Costs

What is Click Fraud?

You are likely already familiar with the pay-per-click advertising model. You publish an advertisement and are charged a small fee by the ad-host every time someone clicks on your ad. Ideally, everyone who clicks on your ad will become one of your customers or, at least, be interested in your products or services. However, this isn’t always the case. Certain people will intentionally click on your ads for criminal purposes. This practice is known as “click fraud.”

Who would do this and why?

  • Your Competitor – Businesses who are after the same market as you will click on your ads to drive up your costs and knock you out of the competition.
  • Site Owners – Your ad may appear on other websites. The owners of these websites may click on your ads since they get paid every time a click is generated on their site.
  • Personal Enemies – Unfortunately, some people out there just don’t like you. They know that you have to pay when someone clicks on your ad, so they do it to get at you.

You’ll be happy to know that there are click fraud countermeasures that you can employ.

How can I prevent Click Fraud?

First off, Google does have a click quality team. They use three methods for combating click fraud: Automatic Filtering, Proactive Analysis, and User-raised Queries. Automatic Filtering does what it says; it filters out a few invalid clicks, but not all. Proactive Analysis is Google’s own analysis of click anomalies. If anything appears out of place, your company will be credited. Finally, user-raised queries have to do with your involvement. You can report suspicious click activity to Google, but you had better be ready to prove your claim.

Perhaps the best method for keeping track of click fraud and collecting information for claims is the use of third-party click fraud monitoring Software. If you go this route, you should do your research. The more information your click fraud monitoring software can record the better. The software of your choice should, at least, be able to keep track of the following:

  • Exact time of each click
  • Landing page URLs of every visitor
  • IP address of every visitor
  • Keywords searched for
  • Number of ad clicks
  • Amount of time between each click
  • The duration of each ad click visit

Keeping track of these factors will allow you to more easily detect click fraud and build a strong case when you make a claim. For all of your internet marketing needs, choose SiteJab. Give us a call at 713-999-4661 to schedule a consultation.


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