Hector Garcia

Short Brief

Before Google, YouTube and the idea of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Hector Garcia developed his first website while still in high school.  Having found a passion for digital design and something called “the internet” he found a hobby that eventually led to his career.   In early 1999 he got the attention of a national broadcasting company when he developed a website for one of its Houston based radio stations.  The company, Univision, asked him to help them develop websites for their radio stations across the nation. At this time he was just 17 years old and still in high school.

In the first decade of the millennium Hector would find himself leading internet marketing efforts at Clear Channel, ABC Television and a local affiliate of NBC TV.  In the first 10 years of his career Hector found a passion for the local business owner who faced a corporate unfair world. In the middle of 2012 he envisioned a company that would provide a service that would level the playing field for local business owners. He considered how he could use his skills and experience to help local business owners. He decided to pursue what he envisioned to turn that idea into a reality.

Personal Touch

In a world where you would have to work through automated systems just to talk to someone, Hector’s theory on how business should be conducted is much different.  Our vision behind our customer service is that we would provide honest service and transparency in our work.  Additionally we pride ourselves in educating our clients on the mystery of internet marketing and stand out as a personal Houston SEO Company.   We believe in having a “personal touch” with our clients… No matter how successful we are.

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