Four Benefits Of Hiring A Houston Digital Marketing Agency

Four Benefits Of Hiring A Houston Digital Marketing Agency

Top Benefits Of Hiring In Your Own Backyard

More Effective Communication

Let’s…face it (pun intended) there is nothing that beats face to face communication when it comes to effective comprehension. There are tone, body language and gestures to help communication that just isn’t present via email, text, and even through web conferencing—it’s just different. When working remotely with a national or international agency, you also have fewer opportunities to get that face to face communication and that can lead to many misunderstandings and even a sense of tension and resentment because both parties may feel like they aren’t being understood.

When you hire a Houston digital marketing agency, you can have that in person dialogue much more conveniently. This type of communication is invaluable because it can help reduce misunderstandings, effectively explain goals to your account executive, and also helps build a bond of trust that is hard to develop without close proximity communication.

Being in the same time zone as your digital marketing agency is also a huge plus. If you are a Houston company trying to contact an agency in NYC, you are always going to be out of sync when it comes to the usual business hours. When local, both you and your agency open for the day around the same time, take a lunch around the same time, and end of day is almost always the same. This problem gets even worse if you have hired an agency overseas and are upwards of 4-8 hours ahead or behind your agency. It can make deadlines, scheduling and other directives very complicated and inefficient. You can be nimbler and more concise with your marketing strategy when your agency is in your own backyard.

A Local Agency Knows The Local Audience

If your business is locally based such as a replacement windows company in Houston, or a custom pool builder in Conroe—a national agency is not going to know your local audience. They won’t know the nuances of the community, the lingo, the geographical traits as well as the culture. Marketing involves every bit of knowing your region like a best friend. You have to know WHO you are talking to in order to know HOW to talk to them.

If you hire a national or international agency, they won’t know how to frame targeted ads for Google, Facebook, and other social media sites. Basically, if you don’t hire a local agency, many things get lost in translation and your audience will be turned off by a generic ad campaign that lacks that personal touch.


A great example of bad marketing due to a lack of the local culture and customs is KFC’s humorous flub in China when trying to translate their famous slogan, “Finger-Lickin’ Good,” to Chinese to boost sales for their locations in China. Unfortunately, they did not use a local agency in China—rather, they opted for using an agency in the United States. The end result was a slogan in Chinese that read vastly different—“Eat Your Fingers Off.”
Talk about an embarrassing mistake the equivalent of trying to use Google translate to speak authentic Spanish. Had KFC simply contracted a local Chinese marketing agency to properly adapt their slogan to Chinese language and customs, their campaign would’ve fared much better.

Even if your company isn’t a major fast-food conglomerate like Yum Brands KFC, your Houston area based company still needs to be in tune with your local audience—and that is why you really need a Houston digital marketing agency to convey that common ground.

A Houston Agency Knows The Challenges And Opportunities Of The Houston Market

When you hire a local Houston agency, they know more than just the local audience you are wanting to reach; they also know the challenges that might take special consideration in your approach. For example, if you are a Houston AC repair company an agency in let’s say, the UK is not going to understand how the unique Houston climate affects HVAC systems. A local agency, however, will know that humidity, brutal summer heat, and violent storms can wreak havoc on a home if they don’t have the proper HVAC unit installed. The national or global agency won’t understand those and many other nuances that can affect a Houston business.

The same goes for opportunities for marketing in the Houston area. A marketing agency in NYC is not going to understand just how big the Houston Rodeo is and the direct marketing opportunity it provides. A local agency not only can tailor your content and ads to take advantage of that event and others but also can possibly help you by attending events like the rodeo and run a direct marketing campaign to gain new customers. We have done this for many of our clients with great success because we know our city.

You Know Their References Because They Are Local

When you hire a national agency you more than likely will get references for their current and past clients, but you also likely will not have heard of them or know them. However, when you hire a local Houston agency, you may not only have heard of their clients but you may even have done business with them or at least seen their advertising.

After all, as a local business owner, you’re not alone when you hire a local agency. You are trying to co-exist and grow alongside your corporate neighbors and local competition. So, it’s better that the agency you hire knows the corporate climate and you can see the work they’ve done for other companies in Houston.

Go Local, Hire The Best Digital Marketing Agency In Houston

If you’re ready to bring on an agency that has a vested interest in your Houston company’s success—you need SiteJab. If the local businesses in our city succeed, then we succeed. We advocate for local businesses here in Houston and we enjoy putting our fingerprints on your success story.

Together we can keep this city at the forefront of successful commerce and an economic powerhouse. Contact us today to let SiteJab build your brand and create more leads for you!

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