Branding & Identity

In such a large, global marketplace there is always a multitude of businesses that are in the same industry or sell identical goods or services. How do you distinguish your company from your competitors? Have you addressed this in your marketing strategy?


The answer is in smart brand and identity development strategies. While many people confuse brand and identity as being the same concept, they are actually two different concepts altogether— but they are very co-dependent. Understanding how your brand and identity can help your marketing strategy represent your core values and will help carry those across to your audience. After all, you want to make your environment a product of your influence, not the other way around.

Corporate Identity


Your business' identity is comprised primarily of internal values that indicate how your business is operated, how it’s organized, the ethics, it’s image and how it integrates into the corporate world. The identity you cultivate shows your audience the distinguishing features that separate you from your competition. Your corporate identity is a key tenet of your marketing strategy and should be carefully crafted. The quality, as well as the focus of the service or product you provide and its uniqueness, also contribute to your corporate identity. That identity is shown to the world visually, verbally and by actions.


Expressing Corporate Identity


Your identity is non-existent to your audience if it is not visibly shown through visual artifacts or conveyed through verbal communication. Often this involves very unique and trademarked logos, taglines, color schemes and more to instantly identify the company:

  • A Logo (A single visual representation of the entire identity)
  • Stationery (Letterhead + business card + envelopes, etc.)
  • Marketing Collateral (Flyers, brochures, books, websites, etc.)
  • Products & Packaging (Products sold and the packaging in which they come in)
  • Apparel Design (Tangible clothing items or uniforms that are worn by employees)
  • Signage & Fonts (Interior & exterior design)
  • Messages & Actions (Messages conveyed via social media or indirect channels)

Corporate Branding


Branding is not defined by a company but it can attempt to influence it. Branding refers to how people feel as a whole about the company. Do consumers have faith in the company? Do they find their service or product valuable and of good quality? Do they feel the company is ethical? These and even some visual and other concepts all can contribute to a company’s brand.

How They Work Together


How these two concepts work together is very simple actually in theory, however, it can get volatile in the real world. On paper, your identity is the image you portray because it is how you want to be seen. Branding is how your identity comes across to your audience.


This perception can be altered by logo design, expressed corporate values or actions, and also marketing campaigns. Some companies in an effort to improve their branding will make major changes to their identity and some with minor changes like a logo re-design. The caveat is that sometimes it can backfire and be embarrassing or downright destructive. At SiteJab we recommend thoroughly evaluating consumers perception of your brand via focus groups or other marketing research before altering a logo. If your logo has built a reputation of trust and familiarity—altering something as simple as a logo change could ruin that. If you are struggling with your brand management, an effective social media management campaign can have a positive influence—and can be a more effective approach to fixing a branding issue.

We Are Identity And Branding Specialists


SiteJab is the best solution for your identity management and brand management. We have assembled a team with extensive experience in public relations, graphic design, consumer psychology, brand development and market analysis to carefully cultivate your identity.


We take everything into consideration when shaping the image you want to show the world. Everything from taglines to color schemes, fonts, logo design and marketing collateral is meticulously thought out to present the best image possible to your audience. We create strong identities that influence your audience and result in a trusted brand.

Collateral Design

We are experts in creating marketing collateral design that complements your identity. We have a talented creative team that specializes in visualizing your message through print media, mass media, commercial video production and more. Digital marketing has taken collateral design into many more areas than just print materials.

Web Design

Our website designs are carefully created to complement all other collateral and add strategic content. We create websites designed specifically to not only cultivate your image but also for lead generation to convert your web traffic into new clients. Our promise is more clicks, more leads—and we deliver.

Radio and Commercial Video Production

As a full-service agency, SiteJab also offers media buys on TV and radio and we can create content for both. From concept to production—our commercial video production and radio ad production teams can gain your company the exposure you need and reinforce the corporate message with professional production from an experienced creative team.

Do You Want To Know Who You Are?


Our branding and identity team does—and we can help you realize your identity and how to cultivate your corporate image into a brand that evokes your vision in every aspect. Contact one of our business development consultants today to show your company to the world.

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