Benefits of Blogging for Business

Benefits of Blogging for Business

Marcus Sheridan, from The Sales Lion, was talking the other day about how businesses and brands need to see themselves as a publishing company. While in his post he was talking specifically about publishing video content, the same mantra (see below) can be applied to written content i.e. blogs.

“See yourself as a publishing company.”

So does your business’ website need a blog? Well, yes if you want whatever kind of business you have to also be a publishing company. Why would you want that? If you are a plumber you want to plumb not publish, right?

The idea is that the more blogs you publish, the more pipes you’ll be plumbing. By the way, blogging isn’t only effective for plumbers; it can work for all types of business and brands.

There are several benefits of blogging for business.

1. You can Rank Higher in Search Engine Results.

When people search for your industry on Google, you want your business to show up first.  While there are a lot of factors that influence your ranking in Google, one of the most important is your backlink profile or the number of other websites that are pointing to your website. It’s not likely that a larger number of people will link to your home page unless it’s really awesome. On the other hand, if you regularly publish engaging blogs on your website, people will gladly send links your way. Thus, the more blogs you publish, the more links your will get and the higher your website will appear in search engine results.

2. You can Target More Keywords.

Keywords are the words and phrases that people use when searching for your industry in Google. If you are a plumber in Houston, you’ll want to target phrases like “Houston plumber” and so on. You can only target a handful of keywords if your entire website consists only of a home and contact page. Blogging allows you to target a wide variety of keywords and phrases that prospective customers may be searching for. When you are choosing which keywords to target, you need to make sure to do your research.

Every blog that you publish is an opportunity to target new keywords. Instead of only ranking for “Houston plumber,” you can rank for “old galvanized pipes” or “install bathroom fixtures.” Let me put this in context for other businesses. If you are a dentist, you can target “teeth whitening” or “dental implants.” If you are a house cleaning service, you can target “how to remove carpet stains.”

Since SiteJab is in the internet marketing business, we are targeting “blogging for business” with the post you are currently reading. The possibilities are endless.

3. You can Reach Out to Your Email List and Social Media Followers.

Blogging gives you a reason to send out an email blast or post something to social media. The cool thing is that these posts and emails will lead right back to your website. If you take this approach, don’t create blogs that are an obvious sales ploy or your audience will grow weary of you. Instead, publish content that is useful and engaging to your audience. This will allow you to build credibility with your audience, and when they need your product or service, they might just give you a call.

The benefits of blogging for business are many, but take note that blogging takes time to produce results. Start off with a weekly or bi-weekly blog and you’ll slowly but surely start to see increased engagement with your brand or business.

Interested in starting a blog for your company? Sitejab includes blogging as part of our online marketing packages. Contact us today to get more information.

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