The Team

Experts. Friends. Family.

Jay Moreno
marketing director
Estee Grier
Account manager
George Carballo
Marketing Strategist
Heather barkley
account manager
Eva garcia
Accounting / h.r.
Sergio Perez
business growth specialist
Nathan aguilar
sr. Graphic designer
kj write
Audio producer
Samantha mayer
social media specialist
justin holland
jaylan wienckowski
web developer

Why Choose SiteJab?

Whether you’re trying to start a new business or take an existing one to the next level, you want a company that can fully stand behind your dream and drive. At SiteJab, the secret to our success is being selective. We don’t take on any client whose business and dream we can’t stand behind.

The reason behind this approach is so that we can personally invest our time, passion and experience into a brand we have a vested interest in seeing succeed. Our relationships with our clients go beyond business, we get to know our clients on a personal level — what drives them, what their vision is, and what they value.

By getting to know our clients on this level we can more effectively translate that into how we manage and grow their brand. This is the type of dedication you just don’t get from many marketing companies anymore and we thrive on it.

The Proof is in the Results

As you can see from Success Stories, the proof is in the numbers. We build brands and offer our clients the skills and strategies to rise to the top of their market. You don’t have to take just take our word for it. You can read how we have helped local clients like you experience exponential growth, gain substantial market share, and improve efficiency in day to day operations.

We're Local

We are local to the Houston area and understand this market and how to reach your demographic here. Our street teams constantly interact with Houstonians to keep our finger on the pulse of this city and what drives consumers opinions and needs. We use that data strategically to shape and mold your corporate identity to reflect those consumer needs. We understand the importance and effectiveness of local marketing and help bring the targeted local market to you.

We Offer Experience

SiteJab owner Hector Garcia has been in the marketing industry since high school. When he was just a junior, he began in web design for a major broadcaster and over the years, moved up the ranks in the marketing departments for several industry giants such as Clear Channel and ABC. He has a passion for helping local businesses, and in 2012 he used his knowledge and experience to create a company that would level the playing field for local businesses. Not only does he offer years of experience, but he offers his personal touch as well.

With a carefully vetted team consisting of proven brand managers, social media experts, and marketing strategists, we can provide a level of personal service unsurpassed in the industry.

We Offer Solutions for your Needs

We understand that there are many factors and variables that go into creating and growing a successful brand. That is why we offer a variety of services to bring your dreams into fruition. We don’t just dabble in the many areas of marketing required to reach your goals —we have mastered them. That is why our employees are vetted so thoroughly; we don’t trust our client’s reputation to just anyone. We only recruit the best so that there is nothing you are lacking when you contract us— we do it all, and we do it well.

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