5 Ways To Create Buzz Online

In the current age of the internet, it is in an absolute must for every company, organization, public figure, and celebrity who wants to be at the top of the industry to create a buzz. The advantage of the internet today is that for every man, woman, and child on the face of this earth has the possibility to become an instant celebrity with fifteen-seconds of fame on Twitter, YouTube, etc. Face it, the buzz might only last for a period of two days, but in this age, that’s all you need for your company to get the necessary traffic and drive up sales. So here is five tips to create a buzz:

1. Create Something People Can Get Excited About

This generation is constantly looking for the latest trend, the next debatable news article, the emotional tear-jerker, or the inspirational masterpiece. It is up to you to decide what’s going to be the next creative story, image, or video. Ask yourself: Is what you’re offering worthy of talking about? Is it something that people will get excited about?

2. Learn the Craft of Telling the Story

People drive toward the story. From infancy, we are told nightly bedtime tells and as we get older we are fed everything from Saturday morning cartoons to Aesop’s fables. No matter how good or bad the concept is, the art of the story-telling is always necessary. If your business is worthy of your customer, there has to be a story to tell.

3. Embrace the Image

This is a visual generation. A picture is worth a thousand words. Create images, videos, and quotes that will spark dialogue through humor and emotion. Simply, put, people want to see what your company can do. Show them.

4. Share, Share, Share

In 90 seconds, it is possible to share your post 900,000,000 times. Okay, that number has no statistical research, but you get what I mean. Utilize every form of social media to your arsenal. The buzzibility (if that’s even a word) of your post is measured by how many people have seen your post. However, make sure everyone and your mom knows the story and image you are putting out there and shows the same excitement you do. (See steps 1-3) You would be surprised at how many people will find your page simply because they stumbled upon it.

5. Create an Avenue for People to Dialogue

The more people are engaged in the conversation, the better it is for you. This is Web 2.0. People are hungry to have an opportunity to talk. The worse thing you can do is block comments from happening. Someone once said, “All publicity is good publicity.” People are going to talk anyway. Make sure you give them something to talk about.

So there you have it, five simple ways to create a buzz online. Remember, the buzz might only last a few minutes or days, so make it worth it.

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