3 Reasons Your Email Marketing Campaign Is Failing

3 Reasons Your Email Marketing Campaign Is Failing

If your company is remotely relevant in the marketplace, chances are you are investing heavily in digital marketing. As much of your consumer base has gone digital with many traditional devices such as phones, watches and introduced new ones such as tablets, and voice assistants—so has the marketing that once existed on traditional analog and paper or mass media, such as billboards. Even billboards have gone digital with thousands of digital billboards lining America’s highways.

Email Marketing: The “Old Reliable” of Digital Marketing

Email marketing is actually one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and one of the most reliable and proven digital marketing components—if it’s done properly. Since email marketing has been around since the internet’s infancy; there aren’t many companies that don’t employ it into the marketing strategy. But just because email marketing is proven and reliable, doesn’t mean it’s foolproof and effective 100% of the time.

The Devil Is In The Details

In fact, most digital marketing companies in Houston employ full-time email marketing analysts whose primary job function is to analyze and execute email marketing campaigns to reach maximum effectiveness. If there is that much work in executing an effective email marketing campaign—then you can imagine just how easily things can go wrong, and your company could end up wasting time and money on ineffective campaigns.

Is Your Houston Email Marketing Campaign Failing?

If you have an email marketing campaign that is struggling to perform; it has less to do with the effectiveness of email marketing and more with opportunities within the campaign for optimization and focus that were missed.

Keep reading to learn about the top 3 of the most common email marketing mistakes companies make when deploying a campaign. You can learn from their mistakes so your campaigns don’t suffer the same consequences.

Top 3 Email Marketing Mistakes That Kill A Campaign

No Set Goals

Ask any consultant from one of the many digital marketing companies in Houston and they will tell you—campaigns without goals FAIL.

There is no question about it, setting attainable and well-defined goals is the first step to a successful digital marketing campaign. Unfortunately, because email is one of the oldest digital marketing tactics, often companies will forego setting goals for them and tend to just get into an auto-pilot form of email marketing. They just kind of keep doing the same thing and hoping something sticks; there’s no real goals or KPI’s involved so you can’t gauge the campaign’s success.

Goals in email marketing are important and it’s imperative that they be a result of smart business need based objectives. For example, just getting a bump on clicks is not a sound objective because it has no meaning behind it. However, setting a goal based on a business objective such as increasing repeat business would be meaningful. As a result, a smart goal to set would be increasing click-through rates from customers you already have a relationship with. That is a measurable goal, which is how you determine the value of a campaign. If you get more click-throughs from existing customers that emails were sent to—then you can measure the impact of the campaign.

If your current email marketing campaigns have no goals, the best advice is to pull in the reigns, take a step back and reassess the campaign and implement measurable business need-based goals.

Bad List Segmentation

This is one of the most crucial factors that can make or break your email campaign. The old days of just mass emailing every email address blindly is an obsolete and highly ineffective practice. For example, you are wasting your time with an email campaign for premium dog food by just emailing random people—many of which may not be dog owners at all.

Your email campaigns need to target the demographics you serve and only those demographics. Nobody who isn’t in that scope wants your email and your campaign is going to have a horrible success rate if you don’t focus.

And ironically, even in this age of spam; consumers who receive marketing emails expect them to be personal; tailored to them and relevant to their interests and buying habits. With the advancement of segmentation methods and processes—email marketing is easily personalized more than any other digital marketing tactic.

Unorganized Distribution Schedule

If you have received emails from digital marketing companies in Houston, you can probably you’re your conclusions and tell which ones put efforts into the distribution schedule and organized it according to the demographics. For example, if you get an email from a costume store advertising Halloween costumes the day after Halloween—that is some horrible organization and no effort was put into the scheduling of that email blast.

In fact, a poorly managed distribution schedule is so detrimental you might as well just be emailing blindly to millions of addresses as it kills the effectiveness of your campaign just the same.

Don’t send a marketing email out because you feel you need to, send one out because you’ve tested out frequency of emails, time of day they’re sent to different demographics, how long before a promotion you send them; these are all factors you need to consider so each email is effective as possible.

If You Want Effective Digital Marketing In Houston—You Need SiteJab.

Look, email marketing is not rocket science, but it does take patience, analysis and time—which is precious when you are trying to run a business. You don’t have the time to try and learn effective email marketing on your own and do all the analysis it takes day in and day out.

That is why SiteJab is perfect for your business. We handle all your digital marketing campaigns, run analytics constantly to make sure we are focused in properly on your audience. Contact us today and see why more and more Houston companies are making the upgrade to SiteJab!

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